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Battleship Movie Reviews

It can be difficult to find new ways of Alien Invasion movies proposals, but generously borrowed from his predecessors (and even video games like Halo) Fight, it is surprising that the filmmakers burden. The source is of all values underpin Unfortunately, while the film has many problems, the plot points and the design decisions of their brethren, you have no hero class. Our hero is stubborn, insolent, arrogant and tasteless – and not the good qualities of someone who really twisted. Despite its special shape constantly in trouble with Admiral Shane (Liam Neeson), Alex is determined to make his boss’s daughter Sam (Brooklyn Decker) to marry. His plans are interrupted when a spaceship lands in the Pacific and foreign warships participating in RIMPAC maritime exercises are sent to investigate. When it was discovered that the ship belongs to a hostile alien invasion alien race, Alex must join his crew to save the world from total destruction.
Why this film based on the game Battleship? Hasbro is not the right to “Battleship” speak. And this film has nothing to do with the game, except for the scene of fiction, pursues foreign ships through the red points of light in a big screen while fighting hard to say no original Transformers is essential in water filled with the same visual absurdity, the deafening noise, many effects shots, and chaos and destruction phenomenal. Also flying Harold Russell as Homer Parrish (played by real life soldier, lost both hands in a training accident) The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) – played here by a legless sailor replaced by Gregory D. Gadson. The claiming your life (with the Royal Navy veterans, paraphernalia and ammunition) terrible place (and even a bit disrespectful), given the large number of foreign hazel invasion chaos (called by the government as “extinction level”) replaced by credible scenarios of war.


The filmmakers found that every gesture, every line of dialogue and every second of CGI is the most incredible adrenaline adventure never reached the big screen. The amount of material and generic stereotypical sequences are impressive. Brotherly love, companionship, confusion comical situations psyching Hopper delicate touch in the mirror, a race closely matched the ancient sages respect of battle maneuvers, patriotic music, a little boy to classify impressed with the sexy girl on the right beach a boss, the sequences of the Army, a rebel who does not follow the rules, a science nerd, at least, a work must be brave, play hard conversations rallies spitting female soldier – every nuance, every reaction, everything is so verbal exchange Tackling stereotypes all major blockbusters collected last five years appears to be. At least, the Navy has some great toys.