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Clash of the Titans Review

Clash of the Titans is a remake of the classic top-action movie of 1981 with the same name. This digital 3-D is an epic story of the legendary battle between good and evil. The 2010 film starring Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes, among others, the role of the gods, humans and has seen little more than play since mythical times. Obtained in the audience at the box office earning over $ 60 million in the first weekend of the film.


Clash of the Titans tells the story of Perseus, mortal god, half Zeus, the king of all gods and king of the mountains. Olympus. Evil is represented by CGI and created many animals as the underworld Hades. Perseus is. Sam Worthington, enough to make us believe that wields a sword rough play, while Neeson and Fiennes, who the key players in their own right, the real star of the film is played Zeus and Hades support The two brothers, Zeus and Hades fight them to see who is right in his belief that his subordinates were men.
The criticism that the film is a mix of things. The point is that many critics impressed. Of course, the action fresh and tasty samples are numerically simulated, but the story and the plot is mediocre. I look forward to this film, if you do not take it seriously, take your candy and popcorn, sit back and enjoy the ride … although it is a bit ‘sticky. in, enjoy thousands of HD movies with trailers, and special features. You can also watch the latest news from the world of film and entertainment industry comments and exchange views on our movie forum. has for each trailer free movie screenings and automatically once a week for your convenience.